The Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood – Paris

It is no secret that Vivienne Westwood is a political activist and that she uses her catwalk shows as a platform to voice her messages.

Although this Fall Winter collection was a collection by her long time, much younger husband Andreas Kronthaler, the message was clear. The time for separating sexes is over. Like Gucci & Missoni, the show was making a clear statement that your age, your gender, your sexual preference and your fashion preference is and should be a non issue.

The collection was as strange as many of the attending guests were. This is what Vivienne Westwood collections and shows are known for. My new BFF, James Goldstein wished his eyes never saw the collection and he hopes to forget about it as it haunts him. I’m not sure which part of the show he had a problem with but understandably the show is not for everyone. Vivienne Westwood shows never are.

Let’s talk about the show

Androgyny is the new supermodel

As I mentioned in previous blog posts more and more brands are combining the men and woman collection showcasing what was traditionally the women’s prèt-à-porter.

At the Vivienne Westwood show this was the case. But not only was it the case it was also very clearly a liberal statement. Men wearing what would tranditionally be considered women’s styles and shoes. And why not? The models were also very androgynous.

That said, we all know by now that fashion not only evolves, but it also repeats itself. And it was just a matter of time before the fashion of the 1700’s would be making a return with a modern twist. During that time men wore what would now be considered more feminine and they wore heels too!

There is a place in the industry for older models.

In Milan at ETRO and again at Vivienne Westwood, older models were used. Very unconventional, but it makes sense. Who are the buyers of these brands? Certainly not only the 19 year olds? I liked this and I sincerely believe that this will be seen at more catwalk shows in the future.

Healthier looking models

Compared to many of the other shows the models at the Vivienne Westwood show were not stick thin. Maybe the industry is starting to accept that a healthy looking model is more realistic and a more popular “clothing hanger ” for shows, rather than the traditionally stick thin baby models.

Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood still designs her own collection separately from her husband. But this collection was called Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. Although the two work on separate collections and have two very different design processes they have the same vision. I feel that with this collection the Austrian designer Andreas Kronthaler wanted to put his stamp on and make a clear statement of his contribution to the brand. In fact the invite was a bit controversial and maybe too out there for the conservative market. It was a naked mirror selfie of himself with writing strategically placed.

Andreas Kronthaler and Vivienne Westwood have a 25 year age gap and have been married since 1993. They must be doing something right. They do designing and life together.

Who would wear these crazy runway designs ?

Looking at some of runway show collections one might wonder who on earth would wear this crazy styles. Well my darlings you are wearing them. Here’s the thing… no one is realistically going to wear one whole outfit that is only Vivienne Westwood. You might own a pair of trousers from Vivienne Westwood and combine it with a ZARA blazer. It looks weird on the runway because the brand is mixing it’s own collection together in an artistic way. It is a show after all and they need to entertain. Zara, Mango and the rest copy the designs straight from the runways. They then adapt it for their market and you buy it!

photos: Daniele Oberrauch