I am very enthusiastic about the jewellery brands I am discovering now that I have decided to broaden my horizons. So refreshing to get to know brands that are affordable, brands with heart and brands that are not made it CHINA! That there already speaks volumes!

Not only are these brands exquisite, but in buying these brands we are supporting women in business. Women with a passion for what they are creating. Not just a passion for getting their brand noticed but also a passion for the creative process and the materials used.

The stories behind these brands are inspiring

When we support these brands we are not making some rich CEO richer and selling our souls at the same time. We are supporting fair trade and at the same time getting better quality products and generous service.


I have recently learnt of a unique brand owned by a very unique woman. Regular Fisher is not just a passionate accessory designer, she is also a mother, a teacher and a women’s advocate! She is your typical girls girl! She is intelligent, strong, funny and she lights up the room with her aura. Her vision : all women deserve beautiful things and we all need to be reminded that we are all princesses even when there are days we don’t feel like we are.

AnLu is named after her children Anna & Luca. The brand is aimed at women who are looking for individual style with class. Women that are willing to spend a little more to receive something extra ordinary and not something that looks like you got it from a lucky packet or Christmas cracker. But rather something timeless that will go with all your other jewellery. Because, well you deserve more!

From the beautiful, thoughtfully branded packaging with a perfectly placed ribbon to the handmade, stunning accessories, the brand radiates a certain nobility.

AnLu Princess Necklace

This is a delicate necklace that makes a statement. As women we think with our hearts. The bumps in life push our crown a little askew and make it topple a little, but we dig into our strength, straighten our crown and take on the world with all our might!

This little statement maker is so much more than just a beautiful necklace…

The Anlu princess necklace is a reminder of who we are and how strong we can be. The heart with the crown on top represents us. We are all heart and we are princesses and we wear crowns!

I love this message. I love that in a world of having a certain fashionable item because trends dictate it there are these unique pieces that tell a story and brings us into remembrance of the beauty & strength we all posses.

We are reminded of that our kindness, gentleness and feminity is not a sign of weakness but rather our biggest strength. Being a princess on the inside and a strong queen on the outside is our unique right. We are one of a kind! Whether it is with a piece of jewellery or an image on our phones we all need a reminder of our uniqueness for the times we fail to see it ourselves.

Who is it for?

This is a gift you should get yourself if you are struggling with self worth or if you forget too easily how special you are. Let this necklace serve to constantly remind you how unique and special you are. The AnLu Princess necklace is also the perfect gift for a mother or a best friend or even a wife. Or your princess daughter that will have her first communion.

The material used is 925 Sterling Silver. The necklace comes in silver, gold plated and rose gold plated. You can order it here : AnLu

The AnLu bracelet

Once I slipped this opulent bracelet on my arm I immediately felt a little more affluent. It is the richness in the materials used that makes such a difference. The piece is most certainly very noticeable. My bracelet, like all the others is unique. It tells a story of richness and of the love and excitement Regula has for the materials she uses in her bracelets.

My bracelet has a mix of precious stones. Old Canadian Jade, blue aquamarine, green aventurine and hematite rose finished off with a rose gold clasp with the AnLu signature pendant also in rose gold. You can buy it here : AnLu


The interesting part! So many of my Stella & Dot clients loved the brand because it had such versatility and with the send off of this brand I thought that versatility in accessories is also gone.

Not so! The AnLu bracelet is very cleverly designed. The clasp that keeps all the strands of bracelets together can be opened. This way the bracelets can all be worn together or apart. You can play with your bracelet depending on your mood. Also you can add your other AnLu bracelet strands to the arm party! By request Regula can also make some of the strands long enough as to become a necklace when you take the bracelet apart. Such versatility is unheard of in fashion accessories made in Europe. It really is not like any other bracelet. The quality is exceptional and really finished off beautifully. The shiny precious stones are flawless .

Who is it for

This is the perfect anniversary present. And with Mothers’ Day coming up this will be an appreciated gift. It makes a thoughtful birthday present. It is classy and chic and easy to pair with any of your other jewellery you already own.


AnLu is celebrating its 3rd Birthday on the 29th of April. To commemorate it AnLu is giving away 1 gorgeous AnLu piece to 1 lucky winner!

What to do?

STEP 1- Go to the AnLu site and check out all the bracelets and the necklaces and comment here on my blog what your favourite AnLu piece is.

STEP 2 . Follow @anlu_princess_anlu @nadisheart and @lifeofbeti on Instagram and tag 3 friends for an extra chance to win!

This giveaway is only valid in the EU, the UK and Switzerland. The giveaway ends the 30th of April.

You can order AnLu online or in Switzerland you can buy it from PKZ retail stores in-store or online.