I am so relieved to get away from the bulky winter jackets and pullovers and layering. I love winter fashion but enough! Basta! I want it to be warm, I want to have my care-free sunny summer days back! So while the earth on this side is slowly warming up here are the trends for Spring 2019. Add these to your shopping basket pronto.

1.Funky kitten heeled mules or sling-backs

I have always loved mules. This easy to style trend are such an unique creation if you think of it. With the closed toes and open back it is the perfect go to for spring. This also goes for sling-backs. Brands like Dior , Prada , Balenciaga, Rogier Vivier & Miu Miu to name a few has given us some amazing gorgeous options for this shoe style. I would suggest to go for a statement pair. Either a funky colour or some crystals of pearls or embroidery . Make them interesting !

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2. Camel, beige or ivory (Instead of white)

This winter white & ivory have been very popular colours. Colours normally not worn in winter and usually reserved for summer. I love wearing white in summer… it is so fresh and always looks classy. But for spring 2019, rather than white as a neutral tone, go for camel, beige or ivory.

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2.Tropical & pastel colors

Work the shades of pastel and tropical shades into your spring wardrobe by accessorising with bags, shoes or blazers. These colours will be seen on all the fashion insiders.

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3.Up and coming luxury handbag brands

This trend is not only a spring trend, but a trend that has been sticking its head out quietly. I have now seen more and more influencers wearing under-the-radar handbag brands. They are getting their hands on these cute, very different brands that are still in their infancy. Brands few of us know about, but some of them will blow up big-time soon. Influencers like Sofie Valkiers are often seen with lesser known yet undeniably gorgeous, much coveted bags. In Paris in particular, at the last fashion week I often spotted handbags that aren’t as renowned as Dior & the other more famed options .

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5. Silk Scarfs

Silk Scarfs for spring seems so obvious. Keeping our necks warm on the cool spring days with this simple accessory is no fashion secret. But there is the danger of looking like an air hostess… just saying. Wear as a headscarf tied in all the creative ways that you can find on pinterest. Or tie it on your wrist, arm or even ankle. Or tie it to your handbag.

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6. Hair accessories

Hair pins are so in right now! If there was ever a good time to grow out your bangs it would be now. They were spotted on so many street style fashionistas at Milan Fashion week. And the trend is not slowing down. Just getting more creative. Also padded Alice bands or Alice bands with crystals. Prada in particular has some gorge options right now!

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7. Nail trend – Nudes or pink & glitter

At the shows the nail trends varied to suit the designer’s ideas, but on the street style nails with pretty much low key. In fact if you are still spotted with long cat nails, you are stuck in the past. This trend passed as quickly as it came. Rather go for short nude nails and maybe add some sparkle to the nude. Very low key, don’t over do it.

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8. Statement Earrings

Statement earrings or chunky earrings have been in fashion for awhile now. My guess is that they are not going away soon, just getting more extravagant.

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9. A big fat smile

Spring is finally here. Gone are the cold and dreary grey days. Best thing to wear is a big fat smile! The one trend that never goes out of fashion and it suits everyone.


My Pink blazer is from Reiss. Crop top from Topshop. Camel chinos from Sandro. Kitten heels from Bruno Premi. Sunglasses from Prada. Handbag from Maison Heroine.