Hi There ! Is your summer wardrobe leaving you feeling a little uninspired ? Whether you are at the beach or in the city let’s have some fun with my 30 day “Sex and the City” inspired dress guide calendar . 

I am still a huge “Sex and the City” wardrobe fan. The creativity that went into the “Sex and The City” wardrobe has me in awe. The wardrobes of the SATC girls has inspired us since the 90’s. The fabulous outfits of SATC is one of the things that keeps us binging on reruns.

Some outfits admittedly are outdated, but with our own personal style and our own items in our wardrobe we can be inspired and recreate and modernise the SATC style we so love.

So the August getting dressed dress challenge : download and print the “My 30 Day Sex and the City dress guide challenge” and have fun with me. Get creative with your style. Subscribe to my newsletter too so you don’t miss out on the details everyday.

Ps. Be warned, you are going to binge on SATC again!

Post your outfits on social media with #SATCdresschallenge #nadisheartsatcchallenge & tag me if you want reposts!

Download your SATC Dress Calendar HERE: 


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