What a year! 2018 has been a great year for me. Yes sure there were many downs. But when I look back now the ups considerably outweighed the downs and I look forward to what 2019 will bring. I think 2019 is going to rock! 

My Highlight for this year 

My highlight of this year was without doubt was attending fashion week and being so privileged to attend so many of the shows and after parties in Milan. This scene is just so my thing. I got to work together with a great Swiss Magazine during fashion week. Made great like minded friends and learned so much about myself. 

Coming to terms as to who I am

I have also pretty much come to terms as to who I am, what I like and that it’s okay to be like me. There is a place for people like me in this world and even if some might think what I do or what I like does not contribute, I beg to differ. My mom’s church group has after this year much better dress sense and has learned all about fashion week 😉 

You can read about my Milan SS19 fashion week recap here.

It is impossible to choose a favourite show because they are all so fabulous. So much work and creativity goes into all of them. I loved every minute of every show. If you follow me on instagram you would have most certainly experienced fashion week and the shows in my instagram stories and instagram live features. And so you would have a little taste of what an amazing experience it was. My instagram account is @nadisheart


The Max Mara Shows were so inspirational, dynamic and on point. Seats filled with fashionistas, the press, celebrities and models. All the big names in the modelling industry. 

I vowed to bring more Max Mara into my wardrobe. With Weekend Max Mara I have found a perfect fit for my style and budget. High quality, thoughtfully fashionable clothes for all occasions.  

About this WEEKEND MAX MARA outfit 

I have moved away from fur and many beanies still unfortunately have fur on them. It’s a pity. I found this very fashionable furless beanie from Weekend Max Mara. 

The Turtleneck sweater is from Weekend Max Mara.  I am wearing thiner turtlenecks these days as I am layering more. Checked jacket is also Weekend Max Mara. 

70’s inspired wide leg pants have been back in fashion for awhile now. The popular style now is the floor grazing styles. This pair is from Weekend Max Mara. I like the high waist cut. It’s an easy, comfortable style. 

And how gorgeous is this bucket bag? Weekend Max Mara has many awesome high quality accessories to choose from.